What We Do

What We Do

Pottery Painting

We have a wide range of ceramics to suit every age and budget. Our pots start at £5 and go up to £40 depending on size and detail. Our most popular children’s pots such as coin banks average at £7.

We always encourage adults to get stuck in too! For bigger pots, why not extend your visit over three trips so you can ensure you can take the best care possible.

Our stock changes regularly to ensure we are bringing in new and exciting ceramics to our customers. However we have coin banks, animals, flowerpots and lots of seasonal pots to choose from!

Slime Making

Slime making is available some weekends depending on whether we have birthday parties running or not. We also host regular slime workshops during school holidays – often themed. If interested in slime making, give us a ring or an email to see if it will be available!

Birthday Parties at The Place to Potter

Here at The Place To Potter, we want to take the stress out of your day and ensure your child has a birthday party to remember! We offer paint a pot parties, slime parties, paint and slime together, bear building parties and more recently we have launched our special Harry Potter or Unicorn parties!

Teddy bear building

If ceramics or slime making isn’t for you or your little ones, perhaps bear building might suit. We have traditional bears, unicorn and animals such as monkeys, elephants, hippos and dogs! Hand stuff your chosen bear, give your bear its very own heart and design a T-shirt before signing an official adoption certificate!

Our bears cost £15 (or £16 if you want to design a T shirt for your new friend)