Animal Sculptures


Beautiful eye catching real wood sculptures.

They make quite a talking point!

Contemporary statement pieces 

Solid wood hand chain carved figures



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Animal Sculptures


We are delighted to be able to offer this incredible range of solid wood Animal sculptures.

We have a small number of designs in stock, plus we can accept orders for new sculptures to be commissioned. If you place an order, we will be able to advise when your sculpture would be available.

 Each Sculpture is hand chain carved making each one individual stunning garden decorations. These life like carvings are made from a variety solid woods available at the time of carving, Cherry, Oak, and Pine etc.

In term of size, each figure  measures different, but suffice to say they are designed to be floor standing size.

Only wood sourced from sustainable stock is used and this affects the availability of the wood type selected for carving. Real wood will over time dry out during long dry periods in the summer months, so to extend the life, keep the wood moist or treat it with preservative or  a wood oil to dramatically extend its life!


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Animal Sculptures

Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear, Little Bear, Owl Feeder, Meerkat, Dolphin, Dog.1, Dog.2, Dog.3, Dog.4, Dog.5, Dog.6, Dog.7